Faby 2 Bowl Frozen Drink Machine Margarita Granita Slush

 112741209194243970 Faby 2 Bowl Frozen Drink Machine Margarita Granita Slush

Faby makes very dependable granita machines and has proven itself to be one of the best brands on the market today. These frozen beverage machines are very easy to use and clean. Faby machines come equipped with settings for both frozen and refrigerated drinks and each bowl has individual slush density settings. The new Faby slush machines have been designed and manufactured to take up the least possible space while guaranteeing the best possible results. Faby frozen drink machines need no special water or electric lines, just plug them in to a standard dedicated 20-amp outlet. The Faby machines are proven profit makers for bars, restaurants, C-stores, rental stores, etc. They are also great for personal residences. The lighted tops and clear bowls beautifully display the product for high impulse sales, making this one of the most attractive machines on the market. FABY frozen beverage machines can be used as margarita machines or slush machines and make all types of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks. They can also be used to make frozen cappuccinos, milkshakes and refreshing chilled drinks. Faby machines are high quality machines yet very inexpensive when compared to other brands. Look at all these features • Elco motor and Elco gears • Bowls in durable polycarbornate plastic are easily removed to facilitate cleaning. • Exterior is stainless steel frame with impact resistant plastic cover. • Large condenser and compressor for fast freezing. • Stainless steel evaporators. • Over-freeze cutoff switch to prevent damage to augers. • Can be operated as a frozen or cold drink dispenser. • Individual bowl controls for freeze/cold drink, auger and slush density controls. • Illuminated 2-part top allows for easy filling and great visual effect. • Push action dispensing valve is great for self service. SpecificationsNumber of Barrels or Bowls2 BowlsCapacity2 Bowls Holding 2.6 Gallons Each. Total of 5.2 GallonsCompressor3/4 HP Air CooledElectrical115V / 60Hz/ 850 WDimensions34" High X 16" Wide X 19" DeepWeight122 lbs

 112741209194243971 Faby 2 Bowl Frozen Drink Machine Margarita Granita Slush
 112741209194243972 Faby 2 Bowl Frozen Drink Machine Margarita Granita Slush
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